Forgive yourself

Forgiving yourself can be much harder than forgiving someone else. Forgive all of the mistake that you’ve done. Forgive yourself for not being able to accomplish something. Forgiving yourself is an important act of moving forward and releasing yourself from the past. It’s also a way of protecting your mental health and the way you behave around people, as well as when you’re alone.

Now think back to the last time you harmed someone else. Have you forgiven yourself? We all make mistakes, through actions or words, often, someone will get hurt. In the past, I was a very straightforward and nasty person. Through words, I’ve hurt too many people and I couldn’t forgive myself from all of that. It made me felt so ashamed because of the things that I’ve done, be it to people I love or don’t have good impression with.

We must know that we all mess up sometimes. It’s okay to make mistakes, hurt people, or do something bad. Not saying that it’s a right thing to intentionally hurt people’s feeling, however, things happen and we cannot avoid it. The list of potential human misdeeds is long, and, things JUST happen. Before we even regret of what we’ve said, what’s done is already done. We can’t time travel back or to erase off all the negative events.

Just know that everyone is a good person. I don’t believe there are bad people, only so rarely. I just believe we all make bad choices. We all made poor choices and did wrong things. Odds are within the next year, you’ll learn lessons of your own and might not even be the same person you where just a year ago.
We’re all only human and its unfortunate the mistakes we make can harm or put others at risk too but there’s nothing we can do about it but learn from both parties. You have to forgive yourself, let go of the pain and accept the fact that that you could still be a good person even if you had made a serious mistake.

Know that despite your flaws, you are okay as you are. Your flaws, doesn’t make you “less” of a person, but it makes you who you are. What you think of as a defect actually makes you far more interesting to others.

We’re human, we can’t be perfect. As flawed as you may be, you must accept yourself, flaws and all, if you are to make progress in your life. Do not let your failure and past mistakes over take you and your emotions, as it will prevent you from growing into a better person in the future.

Please know that you’re not a evil, bad person just because you’ve did something wrong. There is always a reason behind the things that we do and say. Even when you do something that you regret, you most likely had a valid reason for doing it at that point of time, even if the reason doesn’t make any sense.

No one,can beat us up better than we beat ourselves up. Even if you were forgiven by the others, you will not heal up if you, yourself, cannot let go all of the hatred and resentment. Realize that you can forgive yourself and still believe you were at fault, the same as you might forgive someone else, even though you think the person was in the wrong. You can regret what you did, yet accept that you’re human and make mistakes. This is a healthy, humble attitude.

It’s time to let go of everything, move forward to becoming a better you and not let your past determine who you are.


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